When the fiber TECSTAR® are exposed to very high temperatures that will not burn or melt, but charred, and the emission of ...


Fiber TECSTAR® supports oxidizing agents, acids and bases in high concentrations without damaging the fiber, keeping intact...

Personal Protective

Polyacrylate fiber TECSTAR® is used in making fabrics for protective clothing for officers and firefighters...

“Innovation in the service of Security”

With over 45 years of textile development experience,

behind them and after more than 20 years of research the originators of TECSTAR® now offer a tryly creative and innovative cross-linked fibre for tomorrow´s demanding applications.

Today, applications for TECSTAR® are as vital flame barrier layer in composite transport seating applications and also in filtration fabrics, especialy where excellent head and F.R. resistance can enhance cloth performance.

Several leading European companies such as Flexifunbar, Textherm and others have adopted Tecstar fibre to provide enhanced passenger protection and also to save energy.